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Central City is the first city the player encounters in Pokémon Light Platinum.

To the west is route 402, to the east is Marfeny Lake, and to the south is Route 401.

Places of interest[]

Safari Zone[]

Main article: Zhery Safari Zone

In the Safari Zone you can catch Pokémon; for the price of PokémonDollar.png 500, you can access one of the four zones of the Safari. The player will be given 30 Safari balls and a limited amount of time, though the later will not be displayed on the screen.

Radio Tower[]


Pokémon Location
001MS.png Bulbasaur One of the starter Pokémon given to you by Professor Jasmine.
004MS.png Charmander
007MS.png Squirtle
058MS.png Growlithe Talk to the man with lab coat standing next to the Safari Zone building.

Poké Mart[]


Item Location
Bag Ultra Ball Sprite.png Ultra_Ball Talk to the old man sitting on the betch by the entrance of Central City.
Bag Amulet Coin Sprite.png Amulet_Coin Talk to the people in the house with the Shinx in front of it.
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.png TM01 Talk to the man running next to his Croagunk near the Poké Mart.
Bag Contest Pass Sprite.png Contest_Pass Talk to the lady with the white hat in the Contest Hall.

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